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By: Harshal | November 22, 2015

How to decompile a TCP file?

A TCP can be decompiled from Web Control only. Below are the steps for De-compilation

  • Log on to www.tallysolutions.com
  • Log in using Tally.Developer 9, Tally.Net Account ID and password.
  • Click on License and Configuration, you will get an option TCP De-compilation.
  • Click on Browse button to select the TCP file.
  • Click on De-Compile. Following message is displayed 'Decompilation Done Successfully'
  • Click on the link Download File to save the decompiled source code. The decompiled source code is available as zip file.
You can also assign TCP Decompilation rights to any other users as well. Please refer to section Manage Account.

But what if its non reversible or irreversible tcp file?

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Posted on : April 16, 2019

i want tcp de compile tool.what is the cost.please send the details.

Akshay Sinha

Posted on : February 13, 2019

The method which you had told is the TCP which i had compile in my compiler can de-compile but the TCP which from other source how can we de-compile. pls. guide us


Posted on : July 29, 2018

Nice article adiwn and i like it.


Posted on : January 15, 2018

HI <br />
<br />
How much cost for tcp recover tool


Posted on : October 22, 2017

Need decompilation of our TCP, please contact, thank you


Posted on : July 27, 2017

I want source of some tcp files.how to do it. pls help


Posted on : May 17, 2017

i want to decompile a tcp file how much does it cost


Posted on : December 11, 2016

Dear sir <br />
<br />
How Match cost for tcp recover tool<br />
<br />
i m in learning tdl programming i can better understand big logic in
tdl that&#39;s i want to purchase it tool


Posted on : November 19, 2016

Thank you for helping me to recover my lost source file from tcp

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